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Samyang, a renowned lens producer from South Korea, has gained significant recognition for their reasonably priced but remarkably exceptional manual-focus prime lenses available in a wide range of mount choices. The company has, however, substantially expanded the range of its products, and now makes AF lenses that, despite being much more reasonably priced, can readily compete with the industry leaders.

Characteristics That Make Samyang Lenses Exceptionally Remarkable

The Premium XPert Lens
The Premium XPert Lens was developed with the most advanced functionality and design. This one’s a sophisticated lens featuring a stylish and compact design, capable of capturing 8K video and producing photographs with a resolution surpassing 50 megapixels. The market for high-end lenses is being seriously pushed by XP.

The art of cinematography can leverage the exceptional optical capabilities of the renowned Samyang Cine Lens to create a unique style that captures delicate facial expressions and exquisitely accentuates natural skin tones.

Professional Cine
The Professional Cine XEEN CF line of cine prime lenses, known for their compactness and versatility, delivers captivating cinematic visual qualities. It is compatible with PL, Canon EF, as well as Sony E mounts and has 5 distinct focal lengths.

The Secret Is Buying the Samyang Lens That’s Ideal for Your Needs!

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